RC LeBeau

It is a book like no other War story you have ever read. The memoir began with family and life in the fifties and early sixties when life was simpler. Bob started as a boy scout that developed his skills for the tactics that would help an average person survive in the wild, giving him insights into the Marine Corps. Then as a Marine recruit. Then it was off to the Vietnam War and Donut Hole. You will read the war events in 67, then count the days left in Vietnam and become a shorter-timer in-country. Surviving the war experiences until the 68 TET offense, the unexpected attack happened and changed everything. Survival now was in doubt again. The whole country was caught off guard, the wars hose was leaking everywhere, and chaos was around, engaged, and then engaged was the order of the day. The Donut Hole and Echo 4 happened. Just living for one more day would become everybody’s problem. The rescue of Echo 4 became the army’s one-day KIAs casualties that were only second to the later infamous battle of “Hamburger Hill.” The survival of Echo 4 was now in doubt. So how did these 11 Marines survive at Echo 4? You will have to read the story to find out. According to RC LeBeau, the Author of “Donut Hole” Echo 4, it was very doubtful.

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